Weight Gain and Weight Loss: A dog’s journey

As far as Chihuahua’s go, I was a pretty active one. I went hiking almost every other weekend in the spring, summer and fall and if we don’t get to hike we usually get one nice long walk or outing a week. I also run around the yard, chase squirrels, and walk everywhere the rest of the week. When I came to my humans […]

A trip to the vet’s office: My Nightmare

A few months ago I jumped off of an office chair and tweaked my leg and then I was done. Honestly, the vet said this would have happened regardless because it is a degenerative issue, but the jump definitely sped up the process a bit. Had I known this was going to happen, I probably wouldn’t have jumped off the […]

The Wonderful World of Instagram Dogs

Every since becoming involved in the world of Instagram my network of both digital and real life friends has expanded. To me, Instagram was just a place to share pics and hope people like them, I had no idea the community that existed around specific topics and niches. In particular, the community of dog lovers and chihuahua lovers! The dog […]