Awesomely illustrated products for all dog lovers!

All profits from the sales of these products will go towards the Biggie Fund Project! Checkout Biggie’s story below.

Meet Biggie – the luckiest boston around. This cool cat dog hit the jackpot when he was rescued by the Friends of Homeless Animals rescue from a life on the streets in Texas and adopted into the home of his current forever family.

Biggie’s past life as a dog surviving on the streets was soon forgotten once he realized he was “home” and these were his people. He turned into a loving, happy, and playful member of the pack with his people and his two new dog brothers.

(Biggie and fam happy life)

“… when you buy a Biggie Fund Project item, everyone wins!”

Unfortunately not all was smooth sailing for Biggie – as a result of his struggles in his previous life Biggie came with some unforeseen health issues. His owner noticed a lump on his lip and during inspection for that the vet realized that Biggie had some major dental issues! No skin off Biggie’s back though – he’s a hard as nails dog and bounced right back after the surgery to practically remove half his teeth and gums to biopsy the lump (which turned out benign – yay!).

Fast forward about a year and Biggie started to show signs of kidney problems. Another trip to the vet for Biggie, but this time the answer wasn’t so easy. They found that as a result of Biggie’s past life and being chronically dehydrated for such a long period, Biggie has small and deformed kidneys which were resulting in chronic kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

“Biggie has small and deformed kidneys”

The vet warned Biggie’s new family that animals with this type of condition may not survive very long or their quality of life could deteriorate so much that it would be inhumane to keep them around. His owner, the ever loyal human that he is, decided that he was going to do everything that he could for Biggie so that he had plenty of time to continue being Biggie and loving life.

This was all a little over 2 years ago and Biggie has been rolling along with the happy, carefree disposition that he is famous for. The year of constant blood and urine tests, special foods, and worrying humans didn’t slow him down one bit and he even made a new BFF named Bluie.

(Bluie and Biggie - BFF4LIFE)
(Bluie and Biggie – BFF4LIFE)

“Biggie’s health has suddenly deteriorated again. Last week he refused food so his humans brought him right in to TUFTS”

The reason we are telling you this story, however, is because Biggie’s health has suddenly deteriorated again. Last week he refused food so his humans brought him right in to TUFTS for some blood work. Upon reading the results of the bloodwork, they decided to immediately admit him into their overnight facility and put him on an IV fluid drip. He has been at the facility ever since.

Biggie’s humans aren’t asking for donations – instead they decided to collaborate on on some adorably creative illustrations which will be sold as prints, shirts, stickers, and other things. See, when you buy a Biggie Fund Project item, everyone wins! Biggie gets support in receiving the best possible care around, and the human buyers get to own a something that has the result of two sweet artists collaboration printed on it – and it’s Boston Terrier themed! You can’t beat it.


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