Mealtime for Dogs: By Purina Just Right

Ring the dinner bell for your pooch!

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Mealtime for Dogs: By Purina Just Right

If there’s anything you diehard minions have learned in following me is that I am not only a picky eater, I am a picky everything! When my humans first took me to my new home they were sent away with literally a plastic shopping bag filled with loose kibble. The kibble was what I could only describe as space-dog food. Huge, […]


Awesomely illustrated products for all dog lovers! All profits from the sales of these products will go towards the Biggie Fund Project! Checkout Biggie’s story below. Meet Biggie – the luckiest boston around. This cool cat dog hit the jackpot when he was rescued by the Friends of Homeless Animals rescue from a life on the streets in Texas and […]

My legs finally gave up

I was diagnosed with a torn CCL (like an ACL on humans) back in June of this year. It started when I jumped off of an office chair onto a hardwood floor and I started limping. Once you spend some time favoring one leg, the other leg starts to go. That’s basically what happened. Since then, my humans had kept me […]

Adopting a human family for Christmas

I was rescued from a bad situation about 6 years ago and while I hate to admit it, the humans helped me greatly! This year I (and my humans) decided where we were finally in a place to try to help someone else. As many of you know, my humans don’t have kids to spoil this time of year, so they […]

Encounter­ing a ‘pew kitty’ (skunk)

Lindsay here! To talk about the dreaded “skunk spray” incident that Bug had last night. Here’s a question for you: What is the most common time for a dog to get sprayed by a skunk? Answer: SCREW:YOU O’clock. That’s when. Not only are skunks nocturnal, but they also aren’t very fond of human (or dog) interaction so they tend to […]

Weight Gain and Weight Loss: A dog’s journey

As far as Chihuahua’s go, I was a pretty active one. I went hiking almost every other weekend in the spring, summer and fall and if we don’t get to hike we usually get one nice long walk or outing a week. I also run around the yard, chase squirrels, and walk everywhere the rest of the week. When I came to my humans […]