My legs finally gave up

I was diagnosed with a torn CCL (like an ACL on humans) back in June of this year. It started when I jumped off of an office chair onto a hardwood floor and I started limping. Once you spend some time favoring one leg, the other leg starts to go. That’s basically what happened.

Since then, my humans had kept me resting and let me do controlled exercise that wasn’t too strenuous. A CCL does not always require surgery(*), sometimes enough scar tissue is created so that the bone can sit properly without moving in the joint, so we gave it a shot. It also all happened during terrible timing where the humans were traveling and did not feel comfortable leaving my recovery in the hands of someone else. The goal was, at that point, wait until January and then make the appointment if it was still bad.

The humans went on vacation in late December and I took full advantage of that by spending the whole week sneaking cat food! That plus the holidays where food is everywhere I put on more weight so they wanted to try and get me down a little more before the surgery so they waited until February.

So now it’s February and it’s not good. Two days ago I did something to my right leg to the point where I could not put any weight at all on it. This meant all of my back end weight was on my other leg which also had a torn CCL. The situation just became dire. So the humans gave me some medicine and called my orthopedic surgeon at Cornell Veterinary University(*) and he got me in the very next day to examine my legs and overall health. He even took blood! That’s MINE.

The diagnosis is still the same. Two torn CCL’s and possible torn meniscus and/or luxating patella in both back legs. They won’t know how bad it is until they actually go into the knee to look at it.

What does it all mean?

It means I am getting the first of two surgeries done THIS MONDAY (February 22nd). It means I will be on “limited movement” for weeks. It will mean no more hiking for a long time. It means struggle. It means sad.

* Click here to learn more about the surgery and my first appointment PLUS see a video of me getting examined. 

* Check out Cornell University in CT and the Cornell University Vet School show on Animal Planet!

5 thoughts on “My legs finally gave up

  1. My chihuahua had two luxating patellas. They did surgery on both at the same time (she was young, they knew that was the issue and nothing more so they did it so she wouldn’t favor one leg and stop using the other. So different situation). BUT my point is she recovered so nicely. I now it’s going to be hard. All our dog wanted was to boo with us so we carried her everywhere we went in a laundry basket decked out with blankets and chew toys. Good luck to you both and that little stink pot. 🙂

    • Well with this surgery they want you to start walking ASAP. Like they literally said if I can put weight on it the first day home that would be AWESOME. I can’t.. it’s still too swollen though. Even though I am on crate rest I will 100% be required to walk everywhere possible (as long as the floor isn’t slick).

  2. Oh my goodness my little baby chichi just tore her ccl yesterday and I’ve been tearing through the Web to see the progress other chichis have made. She’s 8 and has already been through a lot(broke three bones in her paw 2 years ago) so I’m trying to find some hope for her. She’s already scheduled for surgery next week so I’m stressing about the next 2 months

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