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318 thoughts on “Get Well Soon, Bug!

  1. Get well soon, cutie! I recently had to say goodbye to my chi who made his way over the rainbow bridge, and your cute face is always so comforting to me! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Hope you get well soon

  2. Hope you are feeling better Bug!! Been thinking about you and praying for you and your humans! Just get lots of rest and get better! Love you little buddy!

  3. Hi! I just want to send get well wishes from NYC!!! I love dogs but sadly am allergic so it brings so much joy to me to watch your stories on Instagram!!

    XO @theheights

  4. Hi Bug, so happy to know that you are well. We have been worried about you.
    I have 2 chihuahua rescues and they are my world, so I bet your humans have been worried sick.
    Rest up and know that you have been missed!

  5. So happy to see you back Bug! Get well soon little buddy! You’ve helped me through this hard year losing my little Winnie. I can’t tell you how much joy seeing your posts brings me. It was breaking my heart seeing you sick. Best wishes to you Bug, Beagleface and your humans!

  6. Bug, get well soon please!!!! You’re just the cutest and have rockstar humans that are taking great care of you. I send you all my love.

    Xox Maria

  7. Sweet, sweet Bug. Someday we will all be stardust. Our intention is to love the bejesus out of each other until we are scattered in the cosmos. But in all honesty you little chihuahuas kick our asses in the parenting department. You are love. Thanks for that❤️

  8. So glad things are looking up for you all. Keep on keeping on….lots of good thoughts your way from Houston Texas.

  9. Hi Bug

    We just lost our boy and are so very glad to hear you’re doing ok.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs that would make you wince

    Harri (the ridgeback) and Leah (the human)

  10. Get well soon sweet Bug! I’ve loved following your sad little antics over the last year. Sending all my love ❤️

  11. Heya Bug! Get well soon so we can get back to laughing at all your sassy posts! We (Luvie the horse and Diesel the cat) are all rooting for you and can’t wait to see you feeling back to normal.

    Peace, love, and lots of treats,
    Kels, Luvie, and Diesel ❤️

  12. Get well friend!! We want to see more posts of your lovely face! ❤️️🙏🏼🐺
    From: Jude1075 on Instagram

  13. Two rescue dogs and 1 human sending you the best vibes we can come up with. We hope your human is alright too. If any of you need anything please reach out to your fans. We’re all friends in the dog community.

  14. Get well soon Bug. We miss your posting on instagram. My furbabies also want you to get better too.

    Take care and get lots of rest. Look for a to bug adventures when you are better.

  15. Hi Bug! We are so, so glad you are on the road to recovery! We love and miss seeing your little mug everyday! Love and dog kisses, Cricket and Grandpa!

  16. Glad you are doing better. Your humans are awesome. Our fur babies send you love and lots of butt sniffs. 🐶🐾❤️😘

  17. Get well FAST, Bug!! You are so special!! And SO adorable!! God bless you and your humans! Sending lots of love & hugs from Indiana.

  18. I hope you feel better Bug! We love you and miss your gloomy days. Love you all the way from sunny Miami. Even though you hate sunny and warm…lol 😚😚😚😚😶

  19. I’m so glad to see you are hanging in there! I was so worried and would constantly send my husband your posts so that he could share in all of our agony! So glad to see your mopey little face again! Feel better soon!

  20. We love you Bug and we’re so glad you’re feeling better. We watch for your super sad posts daily. Hang in there!

  21. Buggy, we have missed you. So, so happy to hear you are on the mend. You have two beautiful humans, a beagle, and such a following who love you so much. I’ll never forget the day I stumbled upon you on social media, but little pup, you make my day ❤️ Much love Stenmo Familia

  22. Bug! So happy you’re doing better I stalked you everyday on IG to check on you. Hope you visit beautiful San Francisco one day. its right up your alley fog and all.

  23. Sending lots of love from Tulsa, Oklahoma! Me and my two chi’s, Lola and Earl, hope you get better soon, we love seeing your sweet face! 🙂

  24. Greetings from New Westminster, BC, Canada! My girl human has been worried sick about you. I told her you would pull though! Feel better soon mi amigo!

  25. We are so happy to hear you’re doing better Bug!!! Sending you lots of love from Los Angeles California. xox Angelique, Archie, Floyd & Ernie

  26. Hello Dear Bug,
    I miss your face on my IG feed. Sending you lots of love all the way from the Philippines! Get well soon Buggy boy! We love you! <3

  27. It is such a relief to see your sad little face. I checked daily hoping for an update. You have been missed. Welcome back. ❤️

  28. Get Well Soon Bug! IG, Earth, and Space needs you little buddy. Keep those Turd Arms strong and Turd On! Best wishes for you and your humans!✌🏻️

  29. My little babies (fur babies) and i send you the best of luck, get well wishes and a full and a speedy recovery!!! Bug, we might not know you personally but we know you by heart and we love you! Lots of love your way little Bug🐾💜

  30. We were so worried about you Bug! What a relief to see you’re feeling better! Continue on recovering and feeling 100% again ❤️ We’re thinking of you

  31. Have missed seeing you with my morning coffee here in Switzerland little Schatzeli. (Treasure) hope you are up and keeping an eye on your humans soon. Hugs for the humans!

  32. So glad to see your face, I was very worried about you and your humans. Best wishes for continued recovery ❤️ Lara

  33. Me and my humans and even my cat miss your daily sadness. You are very loved and needed. Get well soon and stop scaring your humans like that! You are mighty Bug from Bugturdia, but they are just humans.

  34. Buuuuuug your little weird face brightens my day every time I see it. I hope you live to be the oldest alien-chihuahua in history. You are so lucky to have such devoted humans who truly treat you like the indispensable cosmic royalty that you are. Thank goodness for them and people like them.

  35. Hi!! Bug and humans, I am so happy you are ok, Bug 🙌🙌 I miss you so much, besos y abrazos 😘😘😘😘😙😙😙🐕

  36. I am so happy you are feeling better, Bug🙏🙏 miss you, but you are finally back🙌🙌 love you little Bug 😙😙😙😘

  37. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! My job is to help other doggies get better, and I’ve been thinking about you and wishing you the best! You’re a little miracle guy and we are so lucky to have you with us ❤️

  38. Hi Bug!! I am so happy to hear you’re doing better. I’ve been praying for you and your humans. I just lost a good friend a few days ago and it has been extremely hard. Seeing your post and you alive made me cry out of pure joy. You reminded me that life has far more good than bad. Love you guys!!!

  39. Hi bug! Rocky my border terrier and i sent you love in your darkest hours and now we are so relieved you are on the mend! Get well soon buggy! Lots of love Lisa and licks from Rocky from Bolton in Manchester England 🇬🇧😚💞🐶

  40. Buggy-Butt! You bring a little smile to my face with your posts in an ever depressing world. I wish you a speedy recovery and pray for you, Beagle-Face and those humans that you’ll make it through this tough season and come out on the other side better than before (but keep that sad look 😂) Hugs Bug.

  41. Big huge well wishes, Bug. We’ve missed you and your sad face. Tell your human that it will all be okay. We know what it is like to have chronically ill pups around the house and she can always reach out to our human if she needs support. Glitter has been to the ER three times this year!! Big love, hugs, snuggles, and lazy days.

  42. Feel better soon Bug, we’re all rooting for you! And hang in there Humans, we know it’s rough when your fur kids are sick but he’s lucky to have such great people to take care of him!

  43. Bug!!! I have been missing your sweet face and have been so worried for your humans. Get well soon you sweet little beastly beauty! There are so many things outside just waiting for you to roll in. ❤️

  44. Little Bugster, get well soon and continue to make a lot of people smile. As a Finn and a chihuahua owner I understand your mentality! You rock!

  45. Hi Bug!!! All our love from Morgantown, WV!

    Cassidy (girl human), Chris (boy human), Oliver (boy cat), and Twist (girl cat)

  46. So happy to hear your healing! Had you in my thoughts every single day. Keep getting better and enjoy the extra treats and snuggles.

  47. Buggie…my family and I are so happy you are okay. I was so depressed when I heard you were sick. I went on a binge and ate too many kibbles! My heart is happy once more.

  48. Feel better, sweet Bug. Your humans are probably worried sick. Sending love from a basset going thru chemo, and 2 indifferent chihuahuas.

  49. Bug!!! We are sending up lots and lots of prayers, good thoughts, and positive vibes for you and your humans!!!! There is power in positivity, so even though being down is your norm, hold that sweet little head up and beat this thing!!! Beagleface (and your humans!) need you!!

  50. Get well wishes from California! I am so happy to see that little face of yours again……VERY WORRIED!!!!! Love your posts and can’t wait until you are 100% and back to yourself. Love you, little man!!!!! Get Better soon….we all miss you! <3

  51. Hi Bug! Missed you soo much! You’re one tough little guy! Everything is going to be ok, just stay strong! Love ya 😘🤗

  52. Hey Bug!!

    Here Andrea, a fan from Spain that currently lives in The Netherlands! Your profile has been helping me a lot: as I moved to a new country, I left behind my family and also the family dog: a very little miniature pinscher called Dexter (yep, like the character of Michael C. Hall haha). They send mi pics every day so it’s good, but as I can’t pet it I need more doggies to look on the Internet to fill that void. So your Instagram gave me another dog to look for in the distance. I hope you understand my words and they don’t sound too crazy hahaha I’m just a super dog person, in fact I always had a dog around in the family since I was born!

    That’s why I was, like many around the world, worried when you got sick. And also, as all of them, happy to hear that you were doing a bit better everyday. You might not be our own dog, but you have a lot of friends here on the Internet that love you sad chihuahua.

    And now for the humans: I know the pain that you suffer when a beloved pet of yours get that sick. You have a community that understands how do you feel. And don’t worry if you don’t post for a while. We understand that the situation it’s overwhelming and you are more focused on Bug in real life than telling that life on Instagram. It’s ok, take your time for everything. We will be here.

    Best wishes for Bug and the Humans (and for Beagle face, of course!)


  53. Hi Bug. We love you 💜 we’re sending positive vibes and lots of love. You’ll be back to your awesome, adorable self very soon. Xoxo from me, Bimmer and other concerned Bug-fans 💜💜🐕

  54. Sending you positive vibes! You’re an inspiring little guy and seeing your posts brightens everyone’s days!

  55. Missing your sad face on Facebook in Santa Clarita Ca……glad you are getting better…and is Beagleface being a good brother to you? he should be finding and bringing you some stinky stuff to roll in

  56. Get well soon, little man! Love your attitude and totally get the need to hide from life. Lots of love, TheHippyWitch, PixieMomma, TommyBeaner & DustyMonkey! 💗🐾💕💖🐾💕💗

  57. We love you in California Bug! So glad you’re doing better. Give your humans lots of snuggles, they need it! (even if you don’t because you’re totally cool I’m sure)😘

  58. We are so glad you are doing better. Hope you get in tip top shape soon Bug, we just love your special brand of honesty and snark.

  59. Hi Bug! Sending you lots of love and light, sweet friend. I have missed your sad, handsome face soooo much. I hope you recover from your surgery, injuries, and ailments soon. Love you so much.

    xo, Marie

  60. Get well soon bug! Chihuahuas have the biggest hearts and your human needs you!! Love, your black haired chihauaha friend from Los Angeles xoxo

  61. Feel better soon, Bug. We are going through medical issues here too so I know what your poor mom is going through. Hang in there.

  62. Bugg you are a light n my life right now where only darkness sits. You get well soon lil buddy! I am from St. Paul, MN

  63. Used to live in Ct, now calling Alabama my home. Buggy, I am so relieved you’re on the mend. Your humans are such great people for giving you continuous love and care. Thank you humans! Looking forward to more your shenanigans as you begin to feel better. Chin/balls up! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🐾🐾

  64. Yo Bug. Tell your mom there’s no reason to apologize for bein MIA. We understand that this was a major ordeal for all you guys. Just get better and we’re lookin foward to your posts

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