Headshots photoshoot – because we’re that important

Recently we (Cappy and I) got some new headshots taken at BSC Photo Studios and it was awesome awful. Well, Cappy #beagleface thought it was pretty awesome. He got to get all of the attention on him while also be given treats. I, on the other hand, am far more difficult to please and had I known it was going to be so stressful I would have had a rider that required an on-set dog masseuse, a bacon caterer, and a personal stylist. I do not work for treats alone!

The photos of Cappy #beagleface show him as the majestic, regal, and sometimes dopy creature that he is and he said he is quite pleased with them. Mine, on the other hand, highlighted my major body image issues and showed just how much I have let myself go. It has prompted me to focus on getting back in shape and loosing some of those fat rolls. I’ll keep a few though because they keep me warm in the winter. It’s time to give up on sneaking cat food and spend less time requesting to be carried and more time doing my own walking. I need to explain to the humans that I only need the arm taxi when absolutely necessary. I know it’s hard for them to keep their hands off me. I must do this on my own.

Special message

Dear human allies,

It is important you work hard to keep your animals at a healthy weight. We rely on you for our food stuff and often time don’t really know when it’s time to quit eating. If you put it in front of us, and it smells good, we’re going to eat it! Luckily because I hail from planet BugTurdia, I have special awareness about my appearance but most earthly canines do not. You pet’s weight is your responsibility. Did you know that almost 20% of dogs are considered obese? Obesity in dogs can lead to diabetes, osteoarthritis, and can reduce your pet’s life on average of 2.5 years! I know how much you humans need us dogs around so take note and help your dogs maintain a healthy weight. Check out these awesome weight loss tools for human pet owners to use for their pets.

In the meantime, check out the photos from our headshot photoshoot

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photos by Matt Branscombe BSC Photo 

3 thoughts on “Headshots photoshoot – because we’re that important

  1. Very insightful and funny SC. These pictures are GREAT. I LOVE the detail. I can see every pore and moody configuration of your oh-so-expressive face. BF does look both regal and dopey – the guy’s got range, you gotta give him that. You look great, kiddo, but yah, you may wanna go ahead and forgo an occasional arm taxi ride – it makes them see you as more independent and helps wean them off all that man-handling they are prone to. Great photos. Props to Matt B.

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