Welcome to the wonderful world of me

I was going to make this post all about me, but since i’m kind of a sad guy and I don’t want to scare away a bunch of you, I’ll make it about what I want to do with this website instead.

Recently I was able to raise enough money to help a kitty who was at risk of death get a much needed surgery. It felt AMAZING to help in that way and I wanted to keep going. I want to help more sad animals around the country get the help they need, but I know I can’t keep asking people for money without giving back, so this website is to give back a little to you minions who do as I say, when I say it.

Here we will write all types of articles about the random goings on in Bugturdia AND the earth home. I am super excited to get started and can’t wait to meet all of you internet minions.

In the meantime, check out the amazing Rambo who is recovering nicely from his surgery thanks wholly to you guys who helped to make it happen!

Rambo Recovery

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