Ring the dinner bell for your pooch!

If there’s anything you diehard minions have learned in following me is that I am not only a picky eater, I am a picky everything! When my humans first took me to my new home they were sent away with literally a plastic shopping bag filled with loose kibble. The kibble was what I could only describe as space-dog food. Huge, hard pellets of dreck that I simply refused to eat. It took the humans while, in their seemingly infinite ignorance, to figure out the right mixture of food that I require.

These guidelines put together by JustRight® by Purina about creating a mealtime for your dogs will not only give your dog some much needed structure in their lives, but it can also help you stoopid humans more easily figure out what it is our dogs are asking for. I mean, look at the genius contained in this article! Suggesting splitting feedings up throughout the day is not only a good option, it’s necessary!

I mean, just imagine if you had to spend your entire day not knowing exactly when your dinner is actually going to be. How am I supposed to know if I should partake in the delectable cat vomit I found on the floor now, or later as a desert?

Mealtime for Dogs: By Purina Just Right
Mealtime for Dogs: By Purina Just Right **Note: SadChihuahua is an affiliate of the JustRight by Purina brand.**

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