The Wonderful World of Instagram Dogs

Every since becoming involved in the world of Instagram my network of both digital and real life friends has expanded. To me, Instagram was just a place to share pics and hope people like them, I had no idea the community that existed around specific topics and niches. In particular, the community of dog lovers and chihuahua lovers! The dog lovers community is not only HUGE in numbers but also in heart. The support that I have gotten from my fans and the community overall to help me take over the world is enormous. I can’t overthrow the humans without my awesome #turdarmy full of loyal minions.

One of my most recent ventures from the digital world of Instagram to the real life world of Instagram was at the BarkBox Kentucky Derpy. It was a grand event complete with red carpet, drinks, and treats. I met so many awesome Instagram dogs in real life that I actually got a bit overwhelmed. The whole idea behind the BarkBox Kentucky Derpy was to bring together all of the digital fur friends for a fun social event while also helping to raise awareness and funds for dogs in need.

The highlight of the day, however, was me winning an award! I walked away with the trophy for “Most Appropriate Name” which, I think, is super awesome. What do you think? Is my name fitting to my personality?

Check out some of the pics and videos from the Kentucky Derpy!

Photos below by Matt Branscombe at BSC Photo Studios

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