Weight Gain and Weight Loss: A dog’s journey

As far as Chihuahua’s go, I was a pretty active one. I went hiking almost every other weekend in the spring, summer and fall and if we don’t get to hike we usually get one nice long walk or outing a week. I also run around the yard, chase squirrels, and walk everywhere the rest of the week.

When I came to my humans I was quite underweight and quite bony. When the humans got me, the original owner gave them a grocery bag with loose kibble in it of some unknown brand with nuggets that seemed to be bigger than my own head!  I had some malnourishment issues which worked themselves out with a better diet, love, and care from the humans.

Here’s the thing. I’m not spoiled. Far from it. In fact, I rarely get treats and when I do they usually try to get me with peas, or corn, or (yuck) carrots. Carrots are the worst in my opinion. They taste like wet plastic. No thanks. Every once in a while I get some yogurt, sometimes even frozen yogurt. The humans also ratio my food carefully. They make sure I only get the exact required amount that is given on the box. So what’s a dog to do in order to loose weight.

My human says the key to weight loss for humans is cardio and muscle building. Well, I’m not only not a human, but I’m not really even allowed to run! I torn both of my CCLs (like an ACL in humans) and am pretty much unable to do any real cardio work like I used to. In fact, the torn CCL is the main reason it is imperative that I loose weight.

Weight loss for me, a canine, is going to be difficult but an important step to my recovery from CCL surgery. This is the start of my attempt at a weight loss journey. Right now we are going to put together a solid weight loss plan and figure out how we are going to deal with this. We will update you all soon!

Sad Chihuahua headshots
my portly self.

8 thoughts on “Weight Gain and Weight Loss: A dog’s journey

  1. My chi had surgery on both of her back legs at the same time. She recovered great! She always wanted to be near us wherever we went, so i carried her around the house in a laundry basket! It really helped to appease her when she was on rest. GOOD LUCK! You’ll be fine 😉

    • We are definitely going to ask about that because we do have access to a pool and swimming holes on the weekends.

  2. I have one Chi who has had this surgery twice! On each leg. He is naturally thin and he walks just fine. But I know not all Chi’s are made the same. I have one who gains weight very easy and she looks a little stubby. She recently had surgery (last week) but because of a rabies shot turning into a tumor! ! I’m sure your in the best of hands lil baby Bug.

    • Oh my. So sorry to hear about the tumor! I’ve heard of that happening actually. So scary.

      I cant believe your dog had it TWICE ON EACH LEG!! Thats crazy! How long between the first and second one? Why did he need the surgery a second time on the same legs?

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