Adopting a human family for Christmas

xmas-mircaleI was rescued from a bad situation about 6 years ago and while I hate to admit it, the humans helped me greatly! This year I (and my humans) decided where we were finally in a place to try to help someone else. As many of you know, my humans don’t have kids to spoil this time of year, so they sat around with all this holiday spirit and not much to do with it. That is when they came across a local young single mom who was working extra hard to try to give her two girls a great Christmas. I told them… it’s time to do something!

Our family’s mom is single, currently unemployed, and raising a 3 year old and an 8 year old daughter alone with no extended family around. That is hard! We also found out that the family doesn’t even have a computer! They have one old, cracked smart phone to use to connect to the internet with. This is where you come in…

We want to be able to buy a gift for the whole family. Something that will change all of their lives and hopefully help them out for years. We want to buy them a laptop! A lap is almost invaluable to a single mom struggling to find a job. Imagine trying to find a job or make income without a computer. Imagine being a pre-teen without a computer to do homework on, look things up with, or just chat with friends! I know girl human could’t image. She would die without a computer.

Since money is still a bit tight for us, and we are planning on buying the two young girls a bunch more toys for the holiday, we thought maybe some friends and family might be interested in help. We are just looking to cover a portion of the cost of the computer (which one we get will depends on how much we raise) and which computer we buy will depend on how much is raised. Girl human has some good connections in the computer world so she’s going to get the best possible computer for the best possible price. We want the girls to be able to do anything they desire with the computer: create art, learn new things, watch movies/ shows, do research, talk to their friends, do work, and more.

100% of the proceeds will go to help this family. Any money raised over the asked amount will be used to purchase gifts for the girls and of course, mom.

I might be a grinch most of the year, but Christmas sometimes changes me.

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